Pan-African Diabetic Foot Study Group (PADFSG) We are delighted to communicate the 4thPan-African Diabetic Foot Study Group in Abuja, Nigeria. The event is to be held from 9th to 12th September 2018 at abuja nigeria.About abuja nigeria


Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that needs urgent attention. In 2013, the global prevalence of diabetes was estimated at 382 million. This figure is predicted globally to reach 592 million (55% increase) by 2035. In Africa total number of diabetes 19.8 million in 2013 will increase to 41.4 million by 2035.At the same time diabetic foot complications will increase. Every 20 second a limb is lost due to diabetes. Approximately 15% of all people with diabetes will be affected by a foot ulcer during their lifetime. Up to 85% of amputations in relation to people with diabetes are preceded by a foot ulcer.


You are cordially invited to participate in this three day international diabetic foot meeting. The meeting aims to provide up dated information regarding the prevention and management of the diabetic foot in Africa. A variety of well known international speaker specialist in the field of diabetic foot will present stat of the art lectures. Beside lectures there will be workshops focusing on useful information for daily clinical practice.


We have put together an exciting scientific program of the most recent diabetes evidence based and best practice that will underpin the improvement in diabetic foot care, treatment and management adapted to African region. We have 42 lectures by diabetic foot specialist, 8 live workshops and 3 confirmed co-operate symposium on diabetic foot.


We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome to beautiful coastal city of Dar es Salaam with its excellent beaches and also to enjoy Tanzania’s world famous national parks and natural scenery.